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Alyssa is the screenplay writer, director, actress as well as one of the executive producers for LAUGHING AT THE MOON.   She is the president of COUNTERACT PICTURES.    She is also a song writer, musician, and playwright.  Alyssa grew up in Southern California.  She has been the drama director at several churches.  She has acted in several Hollywood films and television, the most recent one before Laughing at the Moon, was filmed in North Carolina.  She has written, acted and directed numerous stage plays in California, as well as in several other states including owning her own theatre.  She attended Biola University in California then later graduated Cum Laude from UGA in Social Work Counseling, with a minor in drama. She studied film in high school and college.   She has been a principle in several businesses.

She currently teaches an acting class/workshop and directs.

Her passion is to make films that go beyond entertainment and transform people’s lives.  Thereby doing what she loves and sharing Christ with them at the same time.  Her favorite role in life is being with her family.  Her motto is to jump, breathe and make a dent in the world for the kingdom of God!



David is a Computer Network Engineer by trade but has performed in many singing groups and

has acted in various plays throughout his life including musicals like the Atlanta Passion Play,

and has had some minor roles in a couple of movies. David holds a BS Degree in Computer

Science and a Masters of Business Administration. David has used his MBA to develop a

subdivision in North Carolina, and to create and run several businesses in all functions of

business (e.g. marketing, accounting, finance, law, etc.) including being a web master. David is

an avid hiking expert who has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail. He is one of the executive

producers as well as serving as producer for LAUGHING AT THE MOON. He especially

enjoyed doing the scene driving the Porsche and running through the parade. Serving God in

this way has been an amazing experience for him. He also loves being a family man.



Karl is the founder and president of Triple Horse Studios. He founded the company while

enjoying a successful tenure at Turner Studios where he directed the brand launch of several

television and cable networks. Mr. Horstmann honed his creative talents directing and producing

hundreds of projects including national campaigns for Coke, U.S. Army, NASCAR, NBA, MLB,

NFL, Under Armour, Chevrolet and Smith and Wesson. Karl's portfolio expanded to full-length

documentaries, television programs and specials, live events, concerts and short films. His work

has enabled him to collaborate with Dale Earnhardt, Darryl Waltrip, Amy Grant, Michael W.

Smith and Max Lucado and many high profile celebrity clients. Currently Karl is working on the

feature length film American Blood Brothers and several other projects in various stages of




Dale is the Chief Operating Officer of Triple Horse Studios and has Executive Produced

thousands of radio and television episodes. After graduate school he created, produced and

directed a music/entertainment program for The Family Channel with 75 episodes including

those featuring Harry Connick Jr. on Broadway, Harry Carry at Wrigley Field, John Candy at the

Toronto Sky Dome and various artists at the Grammys. Afterwards, Dale directed the 700 Club

daily live television program and produced specials from around the world including Brooklyn

Tabernacle Choir at Madison Square Gardens. Dale is also a founding member of, a Sequoia Capital funded start-up, where he was responsible for all content

producing 30 million client page views a month. Prior to joining Triple Horse, Dale served as

COO / EVP of Programming for Family Net Television and Radio where the network doubled in

households, added key advertisers like Wal-Mart, General Mills and Hotwire and created a new

programming line-up with 8 original programs.



Bob Scott our cinematographer for LAUGHING AT THE MOON, has been filming around the

world for more than 25 years. He specializes in sports and action photography, has filmed the

Olympics, World Series games, and Super Bowls as well as many Hollywood films.

Bob was the cinematographer for COURAGEOUS, FIREPROOF AND FACING THE GIANTS.



worked on music videos, sports films, documentaries and commercials.

Bob is an expert on Red Cameras, High Definition , and production. He has a unique ability to

use his expertise along with his creativity to get amazing shots. His perfectionism and

dedication are evident in everything he does.

For example, to capture the crane shots that he did for one of the scenes in the beginning of

LAUGHING AT THE MOON he went to the location several times to track the exact time of day

that the sun would be at the perfect spot and precisely measure to ensure that when he came

back to shoot the scene, the sun would be a the exact spot that he needed it to be. When it

comes to working with extras he strives to make sure that people are not just a number, he

makes sure to treat every person with dignity and calls them by name.

In spite of all this he remains extremely humble and kind with a deep love for the Lord and for

people. Bob’s favorite saying is “Let’s do it one more time, just one more time.”



Justin is a sought after film producer and assistant director. Justin has been on crew for the

following productions to name a few: Courageous (Line Producer), October Baby (1st AD), The

Grace Card (AD), Letters to God (2nd AD), The Informant! (Production Assistant), Fireproof (2nd

AD), TV series Lost (Production Coordinator), The Incident (Production Coordinator). He is a

great line producer who does an amazing job at running the show behind the scenes and

making sure everything is budgeted and running smoothly.



Dan is an accomplished producer, accountant and production manager. He has been on crew

for the following film productions to name a few: October Baby, Summer Snow, After, The

Mysterious Islands, Third Day, "Live Revelations" Live Concert DVD/Documentary, Casting

Crowns Live In Concert: "Until The Whole World Hears", and Grace Unplugged. He has also

produced numerous music videos as well as television programs. He has been awarded two

dove awards. He does a great job as a UPM working together with Justin Tolley to run the show

behind the scenes.



Al has an extensive background in producing and being an Assistant Director. His resume

ranges from commercials to feature films. He was the 1st AD on Letters to God and produced

the Chevy Blazer Super Bowl commercial for George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. He

also did Diana Ross’s last music video. He is very organized and does a great job at scheduling

everything and keeping everything going on set. He is has a great way of translating what the

director wants to the crew. His favorite saying is “Great, love it! Movin’ on!”



Flip began his career as a commercial photographer having been published in major

publications like Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. Some of Flips most recent film credits

include Bone Creek, Terror Inside, The Battle of Melanie Carson and the Emmy Award winning

Children of the Fourth World. Flip has an incredible ability to stay calm under pressure and is

always in a good mood! He’s got a smile on his face and is great with people. He is very

talented and his favorite saying is “This is the best shot in the movie!”



Bj has composed and / or orchestrated several films such as Fireproof, The Perfect Gift, God's

At War and Courageous just to name a few. In addition to film he has also composed music for

other mediums such as TV, Documentaries and the world famous Cirque de Soleil. In addition to

working as a composer and orchestrator Bj is privileged to serve as the Music Director and

Arranger for Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky with over 20,000 people

attending weekend services.


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